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Featured Special deals: 4-D Books for children.

4D books with Video interaction!

We have a large range of wonderful children’s 4D books. These books have video interactivity. Contact us for more details.

4D books with Video interaction!

We have a large range of wonderful children’s 4D books. These books have video interactivity. Contact us for more details.

4D books with Video interaction!

We have a large range of wonderful children’s 4D books. These books have video interactivity. Contact us.

Welcome to the world of DEVAR (the world of reviving books)! Here you will find amazing books ready to come alive in your hands! Augmented reality has allowed characters to leave the pages. Play with them and plunge into your own adventure! All you need to do is order one of the Devar books in the store https://itoptrade.com or https://polezniemelochi.by , color and “liven up” using the Devar Kids app (available on Google Play and the App Store). It is an amazing experience to see the interaction of modern computer technology with these interactive books! Grow, develop imagination and imagination, learn, dream!

On the pages of these books:
1. You will read the first fairy tales that your baby must learn to know and love (“Turnip”, “Teremok”, “Three Bears”, “Fox and Crane”, “Wolf and Seven Kids” and others). All the characters are in full color, and then the characters will come to life with the help of the Devar computer porgram application “Kids”, and thus the tale will be told in your own way. Feel like storytellers and real animators.
2. The kid will with joy and excitement learn the ABC.
3. We will play and learn a lot of new things with Smeshariki, Fixico, Wizards, My little Pony will take us to a mysterious country, drive around and on race cars, get acquainted with professions.
4. We learn many new things in encyclopedias about Dinosaurs, about Anatomy etc.

How do these wonder books work?
Breathtaking adventures await your child in the pages of 4D books. With the help of a special program on a tablet or smartphone, you revive the characters by simply pointing a monitor at them. But the most interesting thing is that your little one will be able not only to watch the magical movements of the characters, but also to choose the color of his coloring fairy tale for his taste, making out his drawings at his own discretion.

But seemingly simple books … or not?
In appearance, the book does not differ from its neighbors on the shelf. But it is worth discovering them, as wonderful transformations start from the first pages. Color drawings for an exciting game, where the surrounding space comes to life, as if by magic, and black and white images to decorate in order to paint them in your favorite colors in the future. And then every 4-D tale will have its own execution. Interesting, but these transformations are not everything. A real surprise has been prepared for you!

Lending credence to the tales is the enigmatic storyteller voice of a famous artist, and “behind the scenes” of various scenes music sounds. Thanks to this, the little book becomes not only an exciting reading material, but also a colorful cartoon with your favorite characters.

Live coloring Devar Kids – a revolutionary breakthrough in the development of kids. Never heard of them? Then read and memorize.


We all know the usual coloring. On one page – the original drawing in colors (usually a scene from a fairy tale, which is right there printed), on the other – only the outline of the figures. The child should paint everything on her own, choosing the palette of pencils correctly or according to his taste.
This activity is loved by many kids. But, you see, only a very quiet child can sit behind such a book for a long time.
And what will happen if such a picture is revived? Get a 3D and 4D fairy tale coloring. Think this is impossible? Here you are mistaken! Modern technology has allowed to create a unique program that can revive, drawing made on paper.



Meet the free “app” for mobile phones and smartphones “Devar Kids”. It is with his help that ordinary book pages turn into lively 4D coloring pages. The technology is unique in its kind, as it allows a child to see through the screen of a cell phone (smartphone or tablet) a three-dimensional figure of a grandfather pulling a turnip, a bun and other fairy-tale characters from the earth.
This application appeared in 2015, and in April entered the Russian market. The image created by the phone (smartphone, tablet) is real, if you really try, you can even take a picture with it.
A Book (coloring book); and the free app on iOS and Android.



It will be especially interesting for your child to become a co-author of a small cartoon. After all, the kid will choose the colors of pencils for coloring pictures, and it’s not at all necessary to match the shades shown in the example. And it is in these colors that they come to life. If he has a blue turnip and a green bun, he will see a cartoon with such characters.
Make an unusual gift for your child!

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