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Why is our Affiliate program the most profitable Affiliate program in the world?

We urge you to take a little time and read the terms of our affiliate program. These terms can be found on the Affiliate page. You will see that our emphasis is on the personal touch. We want to develop your human and business potential to its fullest extent. It is also in our interests that you succeed, that is why you can trust our motives and business practices. Of course it as a wonderful added benefit if you are already established as a business, professional or person who can trade with confidence. But we are not only seeking well established businesses to partner with us. In appropriate cases we will partner up with meritorious newcomers to the business arena. So, become a business partner today by writing to us your ideas and proposals.

Or, choose to be an affiliate who simply refers to us prospective business partners or business deals, and you will receive a passive income from us for as long as we have a business relationship with this business or person that you had so referred to us.

Of course, if you become a business partner with us, you can still refer other potential business partners or business clients to us, and for this you will receive your affiliate commission.

Please make sure that whomever you may elect to refer to us as a posible trade partner, is at least in principle open to the possibility to do business with us. In other words, make sure that you had at least discussed the fact with this person or entity that you intend to refer to us, and that this person had at least expressed his or her tentative interest to talk to us.



Please take care to read the below set of Frequently Asked Questions:

It will help you to quickly understand what great possibilities lies ahead for you when you forge a solid business or affiliate alliance with us.


You will be surprised to see that people tend to have the same basic questions at the start of forging a business alliance with us. You are welcome to send to us your additional questions. Have a wonderful and productive day, wherever your are, whoever you are. Remember, it is only important where you are heading for, not where you had been before.…

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is in it for me if I refer a client or possible trade partner to https://itoptrade.com ?

Answer: You will be be rewarded financially for every client or trade partner that you had referred to us, if there results a business trade relationship between https://itoptrade.com and that person or entity which you had referred to us. The level of reward shall be determined by us, using the net trade profit for https://itoptrade.com in any given trade matter or trade relationship, which trade relationship that results as a direct consequence of your referring to us the said client or trade partner.

2. How much will I be paid if I refer trade clients or trade partners to https://itoptrade.com?

You will be paid a percentage of the net trade value of whatever business results between https://itoptrade.com and the person or entity which you had referred to us. The more people or entities you refer to us, the more will be your percentage share that will be paid to you. This commission that will be paid to you will be paid for as long as there exists a trade relationship between us and the entity or person which you had referred to us. You will be paid on a monthly basis (logically, only for as long as the trade relationship continues to exist between us and the referred client or trade partner). For one successful trade referral by you to us, you will get one percent of the net trade total that results from this referral. For two referrals, two percent. For three referrals, three percent, for four referrals, four percent. For five referrals, five percent. Your right to share in the net trade value of any trade relationship that you had helped to create for https://itoptrade.com, maxes out at five percent. This means that for every subsequent client or trade partner which you refer to us, you will receive five percent commission of the net trade profit for https://itoptrade.com (net trade profit that results from your referral).

3. I have my own business, but I would like to partner up with other similar businesses, or I would like to branch out my business interests into other fields of business. Can https://itoptrade.com help me?

Yes, we will be glad to hear from you. It does not matter what size your business is now: if you have a good idea or a good lead, speak to us, please! We can help you lay the foundation for profitable business deals. Your business details will be put in our databases, and we will inform you if and when there are possible business partner opportunities for you. Our remuneration for this service of ours is based on a percentage of the net monetary business value that flows from your trade partnership with any entity or person with whom we we had linked you up with. Our services are however FREE of charge for you if there results no business relationship between you and the person or entity to whom we had referred you to. If however there comes about a business relationship between you and the person or entity that we had referred to you, the percentage commission due to us (and payable by you to us on a monthly basis for as long as there is a direct or indirect trade relationship between you and the person or entity to whom we had referred you to) differs from case to case, but this commission due to us is never more than five percent of the net profit trade relationship between you and the person or entity with whom we we had helped to become acquainted with (and with whom was spawned a business relationship measurable in monetary units).

4. Do I automatically become an Affiliate of https://itoptrade.com if I had successfully referred a client or customer to https://itoptrade.com?

No. We select our official Affiliates very carefully. We reserve the right as to whom to appoint (or to remove) as having the status of being called an “Affiliate of https://itoptrade.com”. You will still get all of your commissions month after month as we had explained above, even if you are not an official affiliate, and even if you do not yet have all the inner circle privileges of having the status of being an “affiliate”. It is a great honor to be an affiliate of https://itoptrade.com, and you will only be bestowed this honour if you had proven yourself as a stable, honest and loyal person. Having said that, we are not at all made biased against you as a result of what may have happened to you in your past life, or as a result of what other people say about you. We are experiences and wise people (and know that venomous gossip will always be made against people who dare to be different), and we will judge and evaluate you solely on how you behave in relation to us and towards the world around you (as seen and verified by us), and not based on mere gossip about you, and not based on mistakes which you may have made in your past life. Everybody deserves to get second chances in life.

5. What guarantee does https://itoptrade.com give?

We guarantee that we will try to give you honest, knowledgeable and loyal support and advice. However, we cannot guarantee to anybody that the results of any of our efforts, advice and/or trade referrals that we had made, or that you had made via us to anybody else (or vice versa), will be as is desired by all. We do all things in good faith in order to help everybody succeed in our joint business aims, but it would be foolish to pretend to be able to guarantee any result in business. You can however rely on our integrity and good faith to try and do things in such a way that we all profit.

6. I am not happy with something that https://itoptrade.com did: what must I do?

Communicate with us, please. The basis of every successful relationship, be it an interpersonal or international business relationship, is efficient communication. We pride ourselves on the fact that we can communicate effectively enough to solve most issues amicably. In our experience there had never been an issue that we could not resolve by way of communication, if the other party is indeed bona fide. If, in the rare event that even the most positive efforts failed to bring consensus and resolution of the problem, you agree that all disputes between us shall be referred to compulsory arbitration. This means all disputes must be settled by an officially appointed arbiter. The fees for such an arbiter will be paid for upfront by you and us in equal portions. The said arbiter will be selected by us jointly. If however you fail to give your reasonable cooperation in the arbitration process (in particular in selecting the arbiter and/or by not obeying the procedures relating to the arbitration process), or if you unreasonably fail to agree upon the identity of an arbiter, we have the irrevocable right to appoint an arbiter ourselves in order to resolve all issues between us. Wherever you may be from, or wherever you may be, the arbiter has jurisdiction over any issue between us (and over you and your property). You herewith expressly agree to the jurisdiction of the arbiter over you and your property, irrespective of your place of domicile. All arbitration related notices shall be deemed to have been served properly on you if such notices had been sent to your last know electronic address. You agreed automatically to the jurisdiction of the arbiter and to the arbitration procedures the very moment you had started to partake in business negotiations with us on any issue. The law and legal procedures that that the arbiter will follow will be determined by the arbiter.

7. Does https://itoptrade.com or any of its affiliates or workers incur any form of damage liability in relationship to me (as being a person or entity that had referred business leads, or trade partners to https://itoptrade.com)?

No. We are herewith formally exempted by you from being liable to you in terms of the law of any country for any form of damage that directly and/or indirectly results from any trade relationship between us, or from any form of damage that directly or indirectly results from the conduct of any affiliate or any other contractual and/or other legal cause of action (like claims in terms of the law of delict, or claims made in terms of the laws relating to patents and trade marks, etc,). The full terms of agreement means this set of “Frequently Asked Questions”. The terms of this agreement with you are severable, and if one or more terms of this agreement is or are found to be contra bonos mores (against the good norms of society), and/or incapable of being enforced for whatever reason, the rest of this agreement stays in full force and effect. The above written terms of agreement are the only written terms of agreement between us, and you do not rely on any implied and/or oral warranties or guarantees from us or our agents and employees, or by any other person. You freely and voluntarily decided to make your decision to interact and contract with us.

Professional Advice

Our traders are willing and skilled to forge business alliances with entrepreneurs from around the Globe who are willing to respect the following tenets of our business policy: bravery, willingness to learn, loyalty and stability. Feel free to contact us!

Sincere listeners

Our traders and staff are comitted to give to you the best and most sincere service and alliances.


Swift reactions when needed.

Our traders and staff are battle ready and able and willing to partner up with you, even if others shunned you.

We are open minded to innovation.

Our traders are willing and skilled to forge business alliances with entrepreneurs from around the Globe who are willing to respect the following tenets of our business policy: bravery, willingness to learn, loyalty and stability.

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Anybody can become an affiliate or trader in goods and services, provided you are sincere, dedicated, willing to follow business ethics and loyal.

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