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Product code: 1001

“EXCLUSIVE” series.

  • Face cream “Image”
  • Face Cream “Placental” day
  • Face Cream “Placental” night
  • Placental cosmetic milk (for dry or oily face skin)
  • Foam for washing “Placental” (for dry or oily skin)
  • Placental hand cream for mature skin
  • Shampoo with placenta extract
  • Rinse balm with placenta extract
  • Placental gel balsam (for dry or oily scalp).

Product code: 1002

Hair Conditioners and liquid soaps.

  • Conditioner “seafood”
  • Conditioner “Flowers of the East”
  • Conditioner “Tropical Aroma”
  • Conditioner “Cool Forest”
  • Conditioner “Song of the meadows”


  • Facial wash with Japanese seaweed extract (for oily skin)
  • Facial Cleanser “Multivitamin” for dry and problem skin


  • Liquid soap with birch buds
  • Liquid soap with oak bark extract
  • Liquid soap with viburnum extract
  • Rowanberry Liquid Soap
  • Rose soap liquid soap
  • Sea-buckthorn liquid soap


  • Cream soap with an extract of the series
  • Cream soap with chamomile extract
  • Cream Soap with Plantain Extract
  • Nettle Cream Soap
  • Cream soap with Valerian extract
  • Cream soap “Antiseptic”


  • Silicone Hand Cream
  • Washing paste for hands “Hundred”
  • Cream paste for hands “Zashchitnaya”
  • Regenerating, restoring hand cream “Comfort”

Product code: 1003

SAFARI SERIES (cosmetics based on ostrich fat)

  • Hand cream
  • Face cream
  • Foot cream
  • Cream shampoo
  • Balm conditioner
  • Creamy hair mask and Hand cream
  • Face cream
  • Foot cream
  • Cream shampoo
  • Balm conditioner
  • Cream hair mask

Product code: 1004

HOLYRIDE series.

  • Cream cosmetic for hands
  • Cosmetic cream for face
  • Foot Cream


Product code: 1005


  • Cosmetic Day Cream with D-PANTENOL encapsulated (for normal, dry and sensitive skin)
  • Cosmetic night cream with encapsulated D-PANTHENOL (for normal, dry and sensitive skin)


Product code: 1006


  • Face cream with carrot extract
  • Hand Cream with Carrot Extract
  • Face Cream with Rowan Extract
  • Hand Cream with Rowan Extract
  • Face cream with viburnum extract
  • Hand cream with viburnum extract


Product code: 1007


  • Face Cream with Witch Hazel Extract
  • Hand Cream with Witch Hazel Extract
  • Face Cream with Bay Extract
  • Hand Cream with Baiji Extract
  • Face Cream with Yucca Extract
  • Hand cream with yucca extract


  • Cosmetic cream for face and decollete “Active flax”
  • Cosmetic cream for face and neckline “Green Oliva”

Product code: 1008


  • Hand cream with plantain and parsley extract
  • Chamomile Hand Cream
  • Fruit hand cream
  • Honey Hand Cream
  • Hand Cream “Seafood”
  • Hand cream “Forest Freshness”
  • Hand Cream “Peach”


  • Whitening Hand Cream
  • Protective hand cream
  • Regenerating Hand Cream


  • Cosmetic cream for the face cucumber
  • Grape cosmetic cream
  • Chamomile Cosmetic Cream
  • Cream cosmetic for the face herbal
  • Cosmetic cream for face “Freshness”
  • Cream cosmetic for the face “Cedar”
  • Cream cosmetic for the person “Fluid gentle”
  • Cosmetic cream-balsam for face

    Product code: 1009


    • Cream for tired feet
    • Foot Cream with Horse Chestnut Extract
    • Cream for dry and cracked heels
    • Foot Care Cream
    • Foot cream with a cooling effect
    • Foot Cream with a warming effect
    • Foot Cream after Depilation “Smooth Legs”
    • Foot cream with antimicrobial action
    • Foot cream for puffiness
    • Foot cream with anti-varicose action
    • Cosmetic Foot Scrub Cream with Avocado Extract
    • Cosmetic foot cream with an extract of a tatarnik prickly and encapsulated with D-Panthenol

      Product code: 1010


      • Cinchona Extract Shampoo (for frequent use, anti-dandruff)
      • Shampoo with yucca extract (strengthens hair, increases their volume)
      • Japanese mint extract shampoo (increases blood flow in capillary vessels, relieves headache)
      • Thyme extract shampoo (for frequent use, with natural anti-dandruff ingredients)
      • Almond extract shampoo (nourishes the scalp, improves hair growth and strength)
      • Sandalwood shampoo (anti-dandruff, for itching)
      • Shampoo with blueberry extract (anti-allergenic, anti-dandruff)
      • Currant Shampoo (for nourishing and increasing the volume of hair, for frequent use)
      • Hop extract shampoo (for oily hair, anti-dandruff)
      • Shampoo “Egg” (express treatment, gentle care)
      • Shampoo “Mustard” (to enhance hair growth, anti-dandruff)

        Product code: 1011


        • Shampoo conditioner “Seafood” with kelp extract (for oily hair)
        • Shampoo conditioner “Tropical aroma” with coconut extract (for dry damaged and dyed hair)
        • Shampoo conditioner “Tropical aroma” with avocado extract
        • Shampoo-conditioner “Cool Forest” with juniper extract (anti-dandruff and hair loss, to restore healthy hair)
        • Shampoo conditioner “Kupalinka” with fern extract (anti-dandruff and hair loss)
        • Shampoo conditioner with mulberry extract (to restore healthy hair)
        • Shampoo-conditioner “Song of the meadows” with extract of oregano, arnica, clover, pansies (vitamins A, C, B, L, E)


        • Shampoo “Pineapple Caprice”
        • Orange Cocktail Shampoo
        • Cherry Bone Shampoo
        • Shampoo “Zemlyanichka”
        • Shampoo “Strawberry Dessert”
        • Shampoo “Crimson Paradise”
        • Shampoo “Ripe Apple”
        • Peach Mousse Shampoo

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