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Best internet privacy protector anonymizer and ad blocker!


Spy proof!

Better than VPN!

Increases internet speed and blocks ads!

Best privacy protection tool on the internet.

Faster than any VPN.

Encrypted DNS.


Privacy in 60 seconds:

  • Plug Winston in between your modem and router;
  • Within 60 seconds you will have complete spy protection for all your devices!
  • Winston blocks ads, and accelerates your internet speed.
  • Unlike a VPN, Winston anonymously scrambles your traffic with up to 45 other Winston devices, hiding your IP address and internet activity.
  • This is faster and more reliable than a VPN.
  • Winston protects all smart devices on your home network with its innovative hardware and software privacy solution. This includes laptops, phones, TVs, security systems, etc.



Winston anonymizes your location by randomly routing every requested domain to a new exit point every 10 minutes. This ensures complete privacy and prohibits third parties from tracking your location.


Your personal data is being collected and sold by hundreds of companies, from tech startups to advertisers to data brokers. Your entire digital profile – where you live, what you buy, your medical history, the high school crush you’re still following on Instagram – is for sale without your knowledge or consent. Why? Because they want to influence how you spend your time and money. They want to shape your world.


Winston Privacy does not log any internet activity which goes over our network. In fact, we designed our technology specifically so that we cannot ever see or decrypt your internet activity (similar to Telegram and Signal). Your personal internet activity is retained on your local Winston device for up to seven days so that you can see what sites attempted to track you. This information is stored only on your device and is never exposed to Winston Privacy or the internet. After 7 days, your data is automatically permanently deleted from your local Winston device. You can disable local storage of your personal internet activity on your Winston in the “Advanced Settings” section of your local Winston website (http://winston.conf). Please note that if you do so, you will not be able to view any activity occurring on your local network.


Winston’s network level privacy protection starts working in 60 seconds. Upgrade individual browsers to an even higher level with the Winston browser extension, found on the Firefox and Chrome Add On stores.

Winston Privacy