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Featured Special deals: Home appliances.

Home Appliances: imported and made for you on custom order.

Below you find just a few of the numerous examples of what we can offer to you on wholesale prices.

All products are mere examples of the types of items we can provide to you, and the availability of any particular item is dependent upon the availability thereof from the manufacturer’s side. However, if a particular item is not immediately available or in stock, we will find find suitable alternatives for you.

Upright standing stoves and stove plate units.

Product Code: 3001.

Electrical and Gas stoves.

Our range of stoves are beautiful and durable.

Product Code: 3002.

 Gas stove accessories.

Our gas stove plates are exceptional.

Product Code: 3003.

Electrical stove plates.

Quality stove plates galore.

Product Code: 3004.


Product Code: 3005.


Product Code: 3006.


Product Code: 3007.


Product Code: 3008.


Product Code: 3009.


Product Code: 3010.


Product Code: 3011.


Product Code: 3012.


Product Code: 3013.


Product Code: 3014.


Product Code: 3015.


Product Code: 3016.


Product Code: 3017.


Product Code: 3018.


Product Code: 3019.


Product Code: 3020.


Product Code: 3021.


Product Code: 3022.


Product Code: 3023.


Product Code: 3024.


Product Code: 3025.


Product Code: 3026.


Product Code: 3027.


Product Code: 3028.


Product Code: 3029.


Product Code: 3030.


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