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Infrared heating mat and dryer for shoes:

“Teplomaks” 2 in 1!

Shoe drier: imported and made for you on custom order.

All products are mere examples of the types of items we can provide to you, and the availability of any particular item is dependent upon the availability thereof from the manufacturer’s side. However, if a particular item is not immediately available or in stock, we will find find suitable alternatives for you.

This Shoe drier has an unprecedented product guarantee of 1 (one) year!

The expected life duration of the drier is around 15 years.

Order this product now at special reduced wholesale rates!

There is no similar device that uses less energy, and that is also totally non-flammable.

The Minimum quantity for an order is only 10 (ten) units

Versatility of Product code: 10003

Versatility of Product code: 10003

Infrared heating mat and dryer for shoes named “Ground 2-in-1”.


This product is a BEAUTIFUL GIFT !


The  “Ground 2-in-1” in the form of heated mat, has the following Benefits:

  • During the rainy season – the relevant topic is to determine how to dry your shoes!
  • We offer to you the purchase of our own production. Dryer for shoes “Ground” 2-in-1 (mat for drying shoes).
  • You no longer need to dry the shoes on the battery, spoiling it with the wrong temperature regime of drying! Now use the dryer mat “for the whole family.”
  • On such a rug can be placed two pairs of shoes or three pairs of children’s shoes.
  • The rug gently warms without burning air. Ideal for home use, as well as office or cottage.
  • Very low power consumption, because power even lower than that of a conventional light bulb, is only 30 watts / h.
  • Moisture resistance. The surface is made of durable oilcloth.
  • Reliability and durability, will last about 15 years.
  • Suitable for heating feet with or without shoes.
  • On the mat you can dry the shoes (even 2 pairs at once).
  • Has a great warranty of 2 years.
  • The rug is fireproof and electrical safe.
  • Certified, and has a sanitary-epidemiological conclusion.
  • It is no secret that bad weather, cold and slush adversely affect our well-being. At such moments, we feel unwell, we can easily catch a cold or get sick.
  • How to protect yourself from colds and colds? Easy and quick solution is! A robust, self-drying mat with soft heating will prevent colds and other diseases associated with hypothermia. The drying mat is universal, suitable not only for heating the legs and arms, but also can be used as a shoe dryer. In autumn, winter or spring you will always be warm and comfortable.
  • Improves the appearance and quality dries shoes.
  • Fits any shoe size.
  • Unusual design and simple use.
  • Dries not only shoes, but also socks, mittens, gloves.
  • Keeps the shape of the shoe and the structure of the materials from which it is made.
  • Suitable for all types of shoes (winter, spring and autumn, sports and even children’s).
  • Dries evenly over the entire surface of the shoe.
  • Does not require movement during toe-to-heel drying.
  • Has an unlimited mode of operation.
  • Never overheats.
  • Eliminates unpleasant odor.
  • Reliable and durable.
  • Guarantees of quality and reliability from the manufacturer.
  • Suitable for heating hands and feet in a cold room.
  • Moisture resistant surface allows you to put even soaked or washed shoes.
  • Allows you to dry immediately 2-3 pairs of shoes! Indispensable in families with many children.



Dimensions, cm – 50 * 37 * 1, Weight, kg – 0.3, Color – gray, Power supply -220V, Cord length -1.5 m,

Mode of operation – around the clock, without restrictions, under supervision, Operating temperature on the surface of 35-40 C, Power consumption – 0.03 kW / h (30Watt / h).

Supplied in cartons of 25-30 pieces.


Delivery to the regions of Russia (from the city of Oryol) at the expense of the buyer by any Transport company.

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Trader, Infrared heating mat and dryer for shoes named Ground 2 in 1 the PERFECT GIFT

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