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Food drier: imported and made for you on custom order.

All products are mere examples of the types of items we can provide to you, and the availability of any particular item is dependent upon the availability thereof from the manufacturer’s side. However, if a particular item is not immediately available or in stock, we will find find suitable alternatives for you.

This Food drier has an unprecedented product guarantee of 2 (two) years!

The expected life duration of the drier is around 15 years.

Order this product now at special reduced wholesale rates!

The Minimum quantity for an order is only 10 (ten) units

Product code: 10001

Food dried by Product code: 10001

Electrodryer (for harvest) “Ground”: for vegetables, meats and fruits!

  • Dryer for vegetables, fruits and mushrooms infrared Self-Branched Designed for drying vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs, roots and root crops and mushrooms;
  • Also excellently works in drying out fish, mushrooms, homemade noodles, pastes, crackers, and in general everything that needs to be dried in the most economical way. It preserves nutrients, flavor, taste and color of products that are otherwise lost during similar heat treatment or food drying procedures;
  • The Ground is drying qualitatively, and products quickly acquire a “salable” look.
  • Without additives and preservatives;
  • Reliable and durable: will last about 15 years;
  • Has a great warranty of 2 years!
  • It is impossible to overheat (the temperature does not exceed the burn threshold).


The most important features and benefits:

  • the most economical power consumption, (since no dryer consumes electricity as little as this);
  • convenient and easy to use;
  • completely fireproof;
  • multi-function (suitable not only for drying vegetables and fruits, you can dry meat, dry fish, dry linden, greens, mountain ash, chestnuts, medicinal herbs etc.);
  • you can even dry small berries with blueberries, sea buckthorn or grated carrots without fear that something falls through the bars of the grid down to the bottom, like in a round dryer with pallets;
  • compact size (hence saving space in the kitchen);
  • The dryer is easy to transport – it rolls up into a compact roll;
  • easy to wash (just wipe with a damp sponge);
  • easy to store (fits on any shelf, and in lockers too);
  • colorful design – will successfully fit into any interior;
  • works absolutely silently;
  • Low weight, only 500g. This allows you to easily take the dryer with you to the country.


APPLICATION Instructions:

  • Expand the dryer and lay it on a flat surface, patterned up;
  • Place a special mesh on top (it speeds up the drying process);
  • Place the desired product on top, evenly spreading it over the entire surface. The finer the food is cut, the faster the drying will occur;
  • Turn on the device in the socket;
  • If necessary, every 2-3 hours stir the product to be dried;
  • After drying, unplug the “Ground” and wipe with a damp sponge;
  • Then roll the food dryer into a roll (with the colored pattern on the OUTSIDE).

Food dried by Product code: 10001

Product code: 10001

Product code: 10001

Food dried by Product code: 10001

Herbs dried by Product code: 10001

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Trader, Food and Shoe drier with two year guarantee

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