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Swimming Pool Heater with one year guarantee and expected 5 year durability in use!

All products are mere examples of the types of items we can provide to you, and the availability of any particular item is dependent upon the availability thereof from the manufacturer’s side. However, if a particular item is not immediately available or in stock, we will find find suitable alternatives for you.

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Product Code: 10002

Product Code: 10002

Product Code: 10002

We present to you a completely new product in our range – This is the “Teplomaks” Electric Heater for all types of pools!
Supplied in cardboard boxes of 6 pieces.

Electric heater “TeploMax” is designed to increase the temperature of the water in an inflatable or frame pool.

Due to the stable water heating from the bottom of the swimming pool, it becomes possible to extend the swimming season for 2-3 months.


  • A storm of emotions and an explosion of good mood is guaranteed for the whole family!
  • An innovative way to heat water is as follows: “HeatMax” is laid out on a flat surface. Above the swimming pool is set.
  • Water is poured into the swimming pool.
  • Turn on the device in the outlet. HeatMax begins to heat up and transfer heat to the water through the bottom of the swimming pool.
  • The water is heated from the bottom up and has a uniform temperature throughout the thickness. This compares favorably with the usual heating of the sun when the top layer of water is warm and very cold at the bottom.
  • “HeatMax” is silent, invisible, but at the same time it calmly and steadily does its job – it warms the water (temperature rise by 10-15 degrees !!!).
  • You can use it around the clock in spring and autumn.
  • In the summer, you can only turn on at night, because it is at night that water is cooled due to the drop in air temperature outside.
  • “HeatMax” is very durable – you can step on it with your feet while swimming in the pool.

Degree of protection:

We have IP51
This means that there is protection against limited penetration of dust (actually complete) and there is protection against condensation (but there is no protection against total immersion in water!).

“HeatMax” is available in three versions.
They differ from each other in size and ability to warm the water in pools of different sizes. Perhaps the simultaneous use of several “HeatMax” depending on the volume of the pool.


HeatMax 100; HeatMax 150; and HeatMax 200
The maximum amount of water in the pool to increase the temperature by 10 C, liters 2000 4000 6000
Power, kW / hour 0,65 0,99 1,3
Length, cm. 100 150 200
Width, see 53 53 53
Weight unpacked, kg 1 1,3 1,6

Product Code: 10002

Currently there are three (3) pool heater models called “HeatMax”:

Model 1.

For inflatable and frame pools:

  • Maximum volume of water – 2000 liters.
  • Increase in water temperature – by 10-15 ° C.
  • Power supply – 220 V network.
  • Power consumption – 0.65 kW / hour.
  • Dimensions – 100 cm (length), 53 cm (width).
  • Weight – 1 kg.


Model 2.

Heater for swimming pools “TeploMaks-150”:

  • For inflatable and frame pools.
  • Maximum volume of water – 4000 liters.
  • Increase in water temperature – by 10-15 ° C.
  • Power supply – 220 V network.
  • Power consumption – 0.99 kW / h.
  • Dimensions – 150 cm (length), 53 cm (width).
  • Weight – 1.3 kg.


Model 3.

Heater for swimming pools “TeploMaks-200”:

  • For inflatable and frame pools.
  • Maximum volume of water – 6000 liters.
  • Increase in water temperature – by 10-15 ° C.
  • Power supply – 220 V network.
  • Power consumption – 1.3 kW / h.
  • Dimensions – 200 cm (length), 53 cm (width).
  • Weight – 1.8 kg.


Electric heater “HeatMax” for water in an inflatable (frame) pool.




Water heating in inflatable / frame / polypropylene PVC basins without inflatable bottom


1 Place the heater on a flat, solid, dry surface. In this case, the bottom should be the one on which the corresponding label is present. It is important!

2 Set the top of the pool (by filling it with water). At the same time, the heater must be completely hidden under the pool; only the power cord must come out from under the pool bottom. The heater must NOT BE PLACED in the water of the pool!

3 Fill the pool with water.

4 Plug in the power cord. The outlet is recommended to be placed on an elevation relative to the ground. In a day the water temperature will rise by 10-15 degrees depending on the volume of water. Due to the high quality of the heater, round-the-clock operation of the heater is possible.

5 Unplug the power cord.

6 Enjoy bathing. The heater can be stepped on.

Storage is carried out in the form of a roll. Do not twist the roll excessively tight.

In order to verify the product’s performance before the start of operation, short-term connection to the electricity network is allowed (but not for more than 10 seconds).


  • To immerse the heater in the water! It is acceptable to wipe with a damp cloth.
  • To use as apool heater in swimming pools with an inflatable bottom!
  • To turn on the heater tothe electricity network if the heater is not placed in the pool filled with water (to a minimum volume amount of water that covers the swimming pool bottom).
  • To turn on the heaterto the electricity network, if it partially sticks out from under the pool (from the pool should go only the power cord).
  • To use the heater in violation of its integrity.
  • To use the heater with its “face”
  • It is impossible to use an electric heater as a hot-water bottle! It is forbidden to use in order to sleep warmly, to heat up sick or helpless people, especially small children! Use for this other special devices.
  • To allow the formation of folds and kinks on the surface.
  • To leave running electric heater unattended
  • Use the heater is not intended.



Electric heater – 1 pc.

Operating instructions (passport) – 1 pc.

Packaging – 1 pc.

Composition: PVC fabric, carbon filament, PET film


Model HeatMax 100; HeatMax 150; HeatMax 200.

The maximum amount of water in the pool to increase the temperature by 10 C per 24 hours, liters 2000; 4000; 6000

Operating voltage, V 220

Frequency, Hz 50

Power consumption, kW / hour 0,65 0,99 1,3

Length, cm. 100; 150; 200

Unpacked weight, kg 1 1.3 1.6

Width, see 53

Temperature at short-term connection to the network without installation under the pool (no more than 10 seconds), C 70 ℃

Working temperature at installation under the pool with water, ℃ 30- ℃40


IP51 degree of protection

Power cord length, m. 2.2

Mode of operation (supervised) long, without restrictions

To maintain the temperature of the water in the pool is recommended to cover it with plastic wrap or a special blanket.

The warranty period is 1 year from the date of sale, subject to the requirements of these instructions. Warranty does not apply:

– if the cause of the defect was the use of the product for other purposes;

– if the instructions of the operating manual have not been observed or the purchaser has interfered with the design of the device.

Service life is 5 years. All claims are accepted and satisfied in accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation “On Protection of Consumer Rights”. Repair products made on the basis of the manufacturer.

The electric heater “HeatMax” was manufactured and adopted in accordance with GOST R 15150; TU 27.51.24-004-75669324-2017 and recognized as serviceable.

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Trader, SwimmingPool Heater with one year guarantee and expected 5 year durability in use

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